GUNNER: Lords of Carnage MC is live!



She wonders if I’m dangerous.
Loaded question…


I live by the cut. It’s a brotherhood.
Sex, crime, and power.

But when I see that sexy little number in over her head at the biker bar,
I want to pummel the son of a bitch who threatens her.
Taking Alix back to my club for protection is all I can do.
Hell, I want to do so much more.

She wonders if I’m dangerous. Loaded question…

But she needs my help anyway. She knows I’m her only hope to find her sister before the clock runs out.

After that, Alix is mine.

Whether she knows it or not.


I’ll do anything to fight for my sister.
Crime and power took her away from me,
And I’ll battle anyone who tries to stop me from getting her back.

Everything about his rugged exterior screams danger,
And I’ve been in threatening situations before.
But there’s something terrifying about Gunner.
Terrifying, and irresistible.

I want to trust him when he says he’s just trying to help me.
I know better. Men like him will say anything to get what they want.
Even though I want it just as bad.

GUNNER: LORDS OF CARNAGE MC is a completely standalone, steamy bad boy romance with guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger! It’s also the fourth book in the hot-as-hell Lords of Carnage MC series.




Daphne’s Deals for September 1, 2017

Hey, babe-a-licious lovelies!

I’m busily working on finishing up my latest novel, book 4 in the Lords of Carnage series. Get ready, because it’s coming out this month!

Hope the end of your summer is going fantastic, and that my American peeps have good plans for the Labor Day weekend. Here are some cool deals on hot romances for your reading pleasure.

Rye Hart, Damaged Goods: A Single Dad and Nanny Romance

Mr. sexy and enigmatic is seeking a nanny.
I’m the lucky lady.
But he’s rude, impatient, and totally barbaric.
And it’s getting hard to ignore the rumors.
Suspicions for why he moved into my small town.

People tell me he’s damaged goods.
Flawed or not, I wouldn’t mind accepting his package.
I just hope whatever he’s running from is locked away for good.

99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited

Mia Ford, Mine Forever

One Sexy Flight Attendant
One Hot Pilot
And an eventful flight together!

My job as a Pilot is demanding
I enjoy being in control!
Until I meet Jess, my hot blonde flight attendant
There’s nothing about her that doesn’t drive me crazy
No matter what time and what place
But getting involved with a woman is the last thing I wanted
And now I dream doing some very inappropriate things to her sweet body…

Being a single mother is not easy
Especially when you work odd hours
Still I try to keep it all together
Until I meet the new gorgeous pilot on board
One look at him and all my warning bells go off
But I have my daughter to care for!

99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited

And finally…

Love Endures: A Collection of Romance Stories by Vivian Ward

This box set from Amazon bestselling author Vivian Ward includes a collection of 12 hand-picked, hot and steamy romance stories for your enjoyment. There is a combination of bad boy romance, second chance love, billionaires, secret babies, and much more! All stories are full-length stories with NO cliffhangers and all of them include an HEA.

ONLY 99 cents for TWELVE stories! Free with Kindle Unlimited

That should keep you occupied for a while, right?

At least until Book 4 of Lords of Carnage comes out… 😉

xoxoxo Daphne


It’s Daphne’s Deals for August 1, 2017

Hey, lovelies!

Well, July is in the books, and thank you all for an AWESOME release month for BRICK! He’s still got a little orange “best-seller” tag, and as of today, 103 reviews on Amazon!

If you haven’t read BRICK yet, now’s the time!

Also, I just started writing book four of the Lords of Carnage series. I’m not going to reveal who it’s about right now, but I will say that he should be out in mid-September. Stay tuned for more info!

Now… it’s on to DAPHNE’S DEALS for AUGUST 1, 2017!

Vivian Ward, One New Message

Ever wonder what your spouse “really thinks” sexually?

This all started when my wife, Maddy, and I seemed to have drifted apart. I found an online ad written by a guy who promised to help unlock her secrets, but I wasn’t going to trust some creep to talk to my wife so I downloaded a text app.

Her fantasies quickly became my obsession. I wasn’t going to lose her to a stranger who didn’t exist, but the damage was already done long before I ever sent her the first message.

This stranger could give her things that I never thought of, make her feel things that I hadn’t made her feel in years, but this stranger was all me.

Now my wife is in love with two men.

Or maybe one…until she discovers who’s behind the messages.

Click here to buy! 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited

Weston Parker, Doctor Feelgood

They call me Doctor Feelgood for a reason, and I loved it… until I met her. 

Ansley is everything I thought I never wanted.
I usually go for the clueless girls who don’t know anybetter.
Ansley’s got her sh*t together.
She knows exactly what’s going on.
And her read on me?
That I’m a better man than I care to admit.

I don’t know about that.
She thinks that because I’m a doctor, my heart’s in the right place.

What do I say?
I’ll show her the night of her life.
I’ll get to know every inch of her body.
I’ll leave her breathless, begging for more.
And then I’m gone.

Time to see who knows me better.
Her or me.

Click here to buy — 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited

Mia Ford, Thirst

On paper, I’m a firefighter.
But my real profession?
F*cking girls until they scream my name.
I’d never really noticed Molly Peters, the shy, chubby friend of my obnoxious little sister.
Until one day she walks down that street, dressed to kill.
Her voluptuous curves and that s*xy a$$ are begging me to take her.
She’s so damn forbidden, but I want a taste of her.
And when I learn that she’s a virgin, I pledge that I will be the only one to claim her.
I have no time for love.
A night of fun where I get to pop her cherry is not a bad idea after all.
I will teach her things that she’s never known before, take her to places she’s never been before.
But Molly’s trying to teach me a thing too.  
Wait…I said I have no time for love.

Click here to buy — 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited


Stuff readers ask me: Why I’m an indie

This is going to be kind of a “musing” post. I get this question all the time from people:

Why aren’t you trying to get a publishing contract with a traditional press?

It’s a good question. If you don’t know anything about independent publishing and how much it’s changed in the last 5-10 years, that is. When most people I meet in real life hear I’m a full-time author, we have a conversation that goes something like this:

“Oh, wow, you write romance novels? Like, are you published?”

“Yeah. I’ve published twelve books so far.”

“So, which publisher are you with?”

“I’m actually an independent author. I self-publish.”

“Oh.”  Awkward silence. “So, do people actually buy your books?”



And it makes sense, really. Most people have little idea about the independent publishing revolution that’s taken place with the advent of ebooks. I think when most people think of self-publishing, they have a stereotypical image of an author shelling out thousands of dollars to a vanity press in order to publish a hundred copies of their magnum opus — which took them years of sweat and tears to write, and which no one but their mom and their Aunt Sylvia will ever read.

Most people don’t realize it is possible to make an actual living off writing and self-publishing.

They don’t realize that if they did a search of the top 100 best-selling books on Amazon right now in a lot of categories, half or more of those books would be self-published.

They don’t know that people like me never even attempted to get a contract with a publisher, because we knew it didn’t make sense to do so.

Imagine the number of aspiring authors per year who send their manuscripts to dozens of publishers — and how few of those people actually get their book accepted. I’m not going to go at length into how small the odds here, or how arbitrary the selection process is, or how many great, well-known authors were rejected over and over again before they finally managed to get their book published. And just imagine how many amazing books were passed over and never saw the light of day, just because they weren’t exactly what the publisher was looking for at that moment.

And consider how long the publishing process takes with a traditional press. And how, if your book doesn’t make a killing when it first comes out, it eventually gets pulled from bookstore shelves entirely and languishes in a box in the backroom, never again to see the light of day.

A typical author would get a 10% royalty net profit from a book published with a traditional press. The rest gets divvied up among all the other parties involved in publishing and marketing the book, whether they do a good job or not. And in exchange for having those other parties promote your book for the limited time they’re willing to do so, you give up an awful lot. You give up a fair amount of creative control in terms of edits to be made, the cover chosen, etc. You might have to change your title. You might have to change your plot. You might even have to change the ending. All because they want the book to conform to what other books are selling at the moment. And, you give the rights for your book away for the period of time specified in your contract.


Enter self-publishing.

I’m not saying being an independent author is easy. It isn’t. It’s still a hell of a lot of work. You have to have a lot of faith, a ton of discipline, and a willingness to learn and change as the market changes. There are days where you think you’ll never manage to be a success. It can be tough.

But honestly, in a way that’s kind of awesome.

Because you also have control.

You have control of how much you write. You have control of the marketing decisions. You can decide when a book is done, and no one is going to force you to change something you don’t want to. You are in charge of making sure your books stay visible. And in exchange, you keep a ton more of any profits you make.

Sure, you also have to work harder to learn the ins and outs of the business, instead of relying on a publishing house to do that stuff for you. But that’s good. As an author, you should know a lot about the business you’re in. And frankly, even though it can be daunting, it’s also really interesting.

Plus: since there’s no middle-man (except for the e-retailer where you’re selling your books), the way to success depends more on the actual readers, and not on some editor/gatekeeper deciding whether you’re any good or not. If you’re good, readers will buy your books. And then you’ll be successful.

And isn’t that a better system, over all? I kinda think it is.

Like I said above, I never even tried to get a traditional contract. And if by some crazy chance I got contacted by a publishing company today about one of my books, I have to tell you that the deal they offered me would have to be amazeballs for me to even consider it. Frankly, I’m not even sure what they could offer me. Maybe a million dollars and a baby unicorn. (If there are any publishing houses reading this right now, those are my terms. Take them or leave them.)

In the meantime, I’ll keep creative control of my work. I’ll continue to enjoy learning about the business, and having so much direct contact with my readers, my ARC team, and my awesome community of independent authors.

And even though I’m not rich by any means, whenever someone asks me in a dubious tone, “So, do people actually buy your books?” I’ll laugh and say…

“Honey, you have no idea.”




BRICK (Lords of Carnage MC) is live!

BRICK is here!



Just in time to be your book boyfriend this weekend. BRICK is only 99 cents for a few days, so now’s the time to grab it!

Here’s the link


When the walls come down, all bets are off. 

Sassy, sexy, and hot-headed,
She came into town like a wildfire.
She’s got secrets, I can tell.
But Sydney Banner’s keeping her cards close to her chest.

She can fight it all she wants,
But as the Enforcer for the Lords of Carnage,
I have a way of getting what I want.
And I want her in my bed.
Every.  Damn.  Night.

She says she doesn’t need protecting.
I know better.
My inner caveman is in overdrive.
And I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Bossy, rugged, and hot as Hell.
Brick may be a former Marine,
But I can fight my own battles.
He has no idea what I risked to get here, and I’m not about to tell him.
I’m no damsel in distress. I don’t need saving.
Even though his hard, chiseled body makes me want to surrender…
He’s just not a gamble I’m willing to take.

BRICK: LORDS OF CARNAGE MC is a completely standalone, steamy bad boy romance with guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger! It’s also the third book in the Lords of Carnage MC series. 


Stuff readers ask me: Do you have to do research for your books?

Oh, my gosh. Research.

Yeah. When you’re writing primarily about outlaw motorcycle clubs, drug and gun running, people getting shot, and stuff like that — well, unless you’ve had a very eventful life, you’re gonna have to do some research.


I came across this shirt a while ago, and boy oh boy, is it accurate. During the writing of any given book, there is always at least one moment where I type something into Google, and think, “I wonder if I’m on any FBI watch lists yet? Because if not, this will probably do it.”

I’ve researched how to sabotage someone’s car without anyone being able to figure it out. I’ve looked up how to poison someone in a way that’s untraceable. I’ve looked into what the effects of gunshot wounds are to various parts of the body, how to make bombs with materials easily found in the average household… you name it. And I know I’m not alone among authors in this. I mean, they didn’t make this T-shirt just for me, right?

I’ve also had to research what life is like in polygamous religious cults, the daily work life of a physical therapist, what happens at football spring training, and what it’s like to bungee jump for the first time. Sometimes, I’m lucky, and have someone in my life who knows about this kind of stuff. Or, failing that, someone who knows someone who knows about this kind of stuff. That’s always great, and I’m always super appreciative of how generous people are with their expertise and how willing they are to help. Other times, I have to stop writing mid-book and spend some time going down search engine rabbit holes, until I feel comfortable enough to keep going. Then, of course, I have to cross my fingers that I haven’t screwed something up really badly. It hasn’t happened yet. Cross your fingers for me, would ya? 🙂

But, as scary as writing about stuff that I don’t know about from personal experience can be, it’s still one of my favorite parts of being an author. I love learning about things. So the time I spend asking experts or doing research is actually really fun for me. It’s a way to “live” more than just my one life, to have to create characters with different life experiences and knowledge than me.

Sort of like reading, right?

“I read so I can live more than one life in more than one place.” – Anne Tyler




Stuff readers ask me: Write what you know?

This question is high on the list of things that people ask me — especially my real-life friends who know I am a romance author. They ask me whether I’m “writing what I know” — in other words, am I using scenes from my own life in my books?

Well… given that the majority of my books so far have been about motorcycle clubs, no… I am not an old lady in an MC, lol! And I’d venture to guess that probably no other romance authors who write MC romance are, either. Though, I do know how to ride a motorcycle. And I have owned a few motorcycles throughout my life, though never a Harley, unfortunately. My pride and joy, which I had for many years, was actually a 1972 BMW R60:


(Note: The picture above is/was not my actual bike. It’s a picture I found on Google images. But it looks exactly like my lovely baby did when I sold her!)


These days, I have to get my motorcycle fixes vicariously, like my cousin’s 2002 Harley Super Glide. Maybe some day I’ll get another motorcycle, but it’s not too high on my list of priorities right now.

Anyway. All that to say, knowledge of how to ride a motorcycle has certainly helped me to write my books, but I definitely am not “writing what I know” when I write about outlaw biker clubs. (I am, though, like many of my readers, a huge Sons of Anarchy fan! Jax Teller, you’ve populated my dreams more often than I care to admit…) So, what I lack in direct knowledge, I have to make up in research, and reading other authors’ books, and of course watching Charlie Hunnam’s gorgeous, ripped torso… Ahem… Sorry. Got a little distracted.

In what way am I writing what I know? Well, the romance part, of course. I do think it would be pretty darn hard to write a good romance novel without having had the experience of falling in love — falling deep, and hard, and fast. The delicious, scary, all-consuming passion of a first kiss. The shiver of excitement and the first tugs of lust. The anticipation of a first sexual encounter… Wow. Gosh, that stuff is addictive. And it is so, so fun to write about. I’ve certainly had my share of relationships — some of them total duds, some of them passionate but toxic. And one of them — the best one — was and is my own perfect love story. Mr. Loveling. My soul mate.

So, am I writing what I know? In that way, yes. Mr. Loveling doesn’t ride a Harley, but he sure as hell does rock my world. And in the eleven years we’ve been together, I couldn’t ask for or dream of a better leading man for my story. I feel so lucky to be able to write romances, and know at the end of the day that my Mr. Right is going to walk through the door and greet me with a steamy kiss!

I hope all of you get to live your own happily ever after!




How I started writing romance

Hey, there! I just finished my latest novel and sent it off to my ARC reviewers, so I’m taking a little break between books to relax, do a little marketing, and write a blog post or two. So today, I’m going to tell you about the very first romance book I ever wrote! 🙂

First, I have to tell you how I discovered romance books. Like maybe a lot of you, I found out about the genre when I was a teenager. In the summer before eighth grade, a second-hand bookstore opened up just off the town square where we lived — easy biking or walking distance from my house.

I’ve always been a voracious reader, even as a young kid, and I was really excited about a store where I could get lots of books without spending every penny of my meager allowance. Plus, you could even sell the books back to the store when you were done with them! What a deal!

My best friend Jodi and I used to go down there and spend hours poring over the books, creating a stack to purchase that grew larger and larger until we had to stop because we physically couldn’t carry any more. It was during one of those visits to the shop that Jodi added a few books to the pile that I had never seen before. They featured women with long, flowing hair, bursting bodices, and hard, muscular men holding them tightly and looking at them with something almost like anger.

One of the main authors I remember from that time was… Johanna Lindsey.


Sorry for the bad quality of this picture, but this was one of the books I remember reading back then. Wow, these books were a revelation. Jodi and I devoured them, exchanged them when we were done, and then went back to the store for more.

When the summer ended and the school year started, gone were the lazy summer days reading steamy books in the summer heat. So, instead of reading them, Jodi and I came up with the idea to start writing them! We got a notebook, and began creating stories about winsome beauties, and strong alpha men, taking turns writing chapters and handing the notebook off to each other at our lockers between classes.

Unfortunately, Jodi and I lost touch after high school. She moved away from town, and I’ve never managed to find her on Facebook. I don’t know whatever happened to that notebook. Maybe she still has it. But little did I know that our little eighth-grade dip into writing romance would eventually come full circle for me! Maybe some day I’ll find out that Jodi did the same…



Daphne’s Deals for July 2017

(Note: This blog post is based on a newsletter I sent out on July 1. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to posting it here until after the Fourth of July holiday. Sorry about that… DL)

Now, I know that there are a lot of you out there who don’t live in the USA and don’t celebrate Fourth of July. But the weekend of the Fourth is always a great time to go to the beach, relax, spend some down time with family, and go watch fireworks. So since today’s the first day of this “weekend,” it’s a perfect time to give you some cool new deals to take with you to whatever fun celebrations you have planned.

Here we go….

Rye Hart, Hot Bastard Next Door

As I’m preparing to send this out, Rye Hart’s new book is at #57 in the ENTIRE Kindle Store. And there’s a reason for it. This is a hot, boy next door, second chance romance. Rye Hart really knows how to write a steamy romance. This one gets my “highly recommended” stamp. 99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited!

Weston Parker, Stealing First

A bad boy billionaire baseball player. He’s a hot single father, who has always played the field. But Terra Harmon is the woman who makes him want to slow down and and take his time — she’s also his best friend’s little sister.
99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited!

Lilah May, Backseat with the Billionaire

He’s a billionaire MMA fighter whose cocky smile and washboard abs make wet panties drop left and right.
She thinks she wants him for one amazing night out and end it.
Boy, did she think wrong.
He’s about to teach her how much more she really wants.
99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited!


There you go — three steaming hot July reads for your Kindle!

By the way, my latest release, BRICK, is coming very, very soon!

Sign up HERE for my mailing list to get an email from me just as soon as it goes live!

xoxoxo  – Daphne


Stuff readers ask me: What’s your writing process?

One of my very favorite things about being an indie author is the contact I have with readers. Unlike people who choose to go the traditionally published route, I don’t have an agent who fields my correspondence. When you email me, you literally get me. If I write a response to you (and I always will, until I’m so damn popular that I physically don’t have enough hours in the day!), the person writing that response is me. Guaranteed.

Readers give me all sorts of cool feedback. They also ask me all sorts of questions. One of the questions I get most often is: What’s your writing process/schedule? Do you wait for inspiration to hit, or do you have a set schedule you stick to?

I’ll probably write more about this at some point in the future, but today, I’ll give you the basics.

What’s my writing process?

Step One: Write.

Step Two: See step one.

That might sound simplistic, or snarky, or… I dunno, like a non-answer. But the fact is, this is pretty much true.

The only way to write, is to write. At least for me. I treat writing as a full-time job. Which means for me that I write every weekday, Monday through Friday, and take the weekends off. During the week, I sit down and write. I have a set number of words that I aim for. Even if I’m not in the mood. Even if I feel like inspiration isn’t hitting me. Because most of the time, once I start, inspiration does hit. (Or if not inspiration, then at least a few good ideas!)

Let me tell you a little Daphne Story. In a past life, before I took the plunge to writing full-time, I earned a graduate degree in a field that’s kinda-sorta related to writing but not really. One of the things most people have to do in order to earn an advanced degree is to write a long research project. A master’s thesis clocks in at around 70-80 pages long. A doctoral dissertation can be up to 200 pages, or even more.

I was, understandably, freaking out a little bit about this project. I mean, I’d written papers in college, of course, but never anything even close to that long. And my adviser gave me the best piece of writing advice I’ve ever gotten.

He said, “Write one page a day.”

That’s it. One page a day.

Because at that rate, you can have a draft of a master’s thesis in three months.

I took his advice. It was a lot less intimidating than thinking about writing a whole huge paper.

And what I found was, quite often, once I’d written one page, I decided to go a little further and write another. And another.

I finished my paper in record time, and probably with a lot less angst than a lot of my grad school friends who were struggling along with me.

I’ve remembered that advice ever since. And whenever I start to get overwhelmed, I just remember:

How do you write?

By writing.





Books I’ve Loved: The Shipping News

The Shipping News, written by E. Annie Proulx, came out in 1993. It won the Pulitzer prize, and the Natinoal Book Award, and they even made a movie out of it (which I never saw, because sometimes when you love a book SO much, you just can’t bear for the movie to ruin it, know what I mean?).

The Shipping News is a love story. A quiet one. Not a romance, but the story of a deep love born of tragedy, pain, and the loss, and then the rebirth, of hope. The main character is Quoyle, an ungainly, pathetic lump of a man who falls in love with and marries an awful, amoral woman named Petal. He has two children with her, and all three of them suffer immeasurably from her presence in their lives until she is (SPOILERS) killed in a car accident.

Quoyle has nowhere to go, and his life is collapsing around him. With no options, he accepts his aunt Agnis’s offer to come live in her rundown childhood home, in Newfoundland.

Quoyle moves into an impossibly bleak and hopeless landscape, and little by little begins to construct something of a life for himself and his daughters. What follows is a work of quiet, remarkable loveliness.

I read this book not long after it first came out. I was going through a personal tragedy of my own, and feeling emotionally flayed and incredibly fragile. The bleak landscape of Newfoundland becomes the perfect backdrop for this story of a man who at first inspires only pity and sadness, but slowly transforms himself through love and quiet courage.

This tale of hope and transcendent beauty was exactly what I needed at the time that I read it. I have rarely been left with such a strong, enduring impression after reading a book. I haven’t read many other books by Annie Proulx, but this one is certainly a masterpiece.



Books I’ve Loved: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I realized a little while ago that I haven’t posted very much at all here about writing and reading — which are two things I love, of course! I’ve always been a big reader, ever since I first read a Dick and Jane book by myself (true story) at four years old.

So. Today, I’m gonna start blogging more frequently. About the things that brought me to writing, my writing process, some books that influenced me along the way, and hell — anything else that strikes my fancy. I’m going to start letting readers peek into my world a little more often, too.

The first book I want to talk about is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, by Betty Smith. It’s a book you may or may not have heard of. It came out in 1943, but it’s set in the first couple of decades of the twentieth century, in New York (well, Williamsburg, Brooklyn). It’s one of the first books I can remember having a very profound personal impact on me.

I read this book for the first time the summer I was eleven years old. By total coincidence, that’s how old the main character, Francie, is at the beginning of the story. Francie and I, despite the fact that she lived in Brooklyn and I lived in a town of less than 3,000 people in western Iowa, had a surprising number of things in common. Francie didn’t really have any friends, for one, which resonated painfully with me.  I had just moved to that small town with my parents, and school hadn’t even started yet. I was an only child, so I spent that summer essentially alone, with only books to keep me company.

Francie was also a huge bookworm, like me. She went to the local branch of her library almost every day, and pored over the stacks like her life depended on the decision she was about to make. Her goal was one day to read every book in her library. For that reason, she always chose one “for pleasure” book, and then one book that was literally the next in line in the stacks (she started at the very beginning). She was shy, and her librarian often questioned or tried to dissuade her from checking a particular book out. But Francie always held firm.

My “library story” about A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one that always makes me feel a special kinship with Francie. You see, I, too, went to my local library almost every day. And one day, completely by chance, I happened to pick up A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I didn’t know what it was about, but by opening it at random a few times and skimming some paragraphs, I was convinced it looked very interesting. I took the book up to the counter and presented my library card. The librarian looked at the title, and then at me, and told me sternly that this book was “too old” for me, and that she would not allow me to check it out.

Bewildered, I trudged back home, and happened to tell my mother about what happened. My mother was a great lover of reading herself, and believed firmly that I should be allowed to read whatever I wanted. She called the library, asked to speak to the librarian, and told her in no uncertain terms that I was to be allowed to check out whatever book I wanted, with no questions asked.

I returned to the library, checked out A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and there began a virtual kinship across time, space, and pages between young, lonely Francie and young, lonely Daphne that I still feel today.

It’s true, the book has some tough, even adult, themes that were new and troubling to me as a precocious eleven year-old girl. But the lessons and compassion I learned from it were invaluable. Thanks, Mom, for being in my corner, because without you I might never have read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.


Have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? What’s a book you’ve loved that made a difference in your life?



It’s Daphne’s Deals for June 1, 2017

It’s June! Time for sultry beach reads and cocktails with tiny umbrellas in them!

Hello, lovelies! It’s Daphne’s Deals for June 1, 2017!

This month, I’m actually going to do two “episodes” of Daphne’s Deals, one on June 1, and one on June 15. Why? Because, for one thing, I’m not releasing a new book until NEXT month (so I won’t have other emails to send you about that!). And for the second thing, there are a lot of really good books out there right now and a lot of hot new releases coming down the pike! I can’t fit them all in one email, so I’ll split them into two this month.

SO…. LET’S GO! Here are my deals for the first part of June:

1) Rye Hart, Rock Hard Boss

Two words: Sexual Tension.
This book has it. And it’s a great, fun, sexy read! Definitely recommend.

Here’s the blurb from Amazon, to give you a little taste:

If you can’t take the heat, get the h*ll out of my kitchen.
Cooking and f*cking are what I do best.
But loving a woman is where I fall short.

I’ve only cared about three things in the world:
My daughter.
My restaurant.
And bulldozing any *sshole who gets in my way.
That was it for me – until I hired Amber Foster as my newest chef.
HOT would be an understatement.
She’s a spitfire and she’s got more balls than all the men in my kitchen combined.
I want to flip her over easy and scramble her until she screams my name.
Today’s special? Sausage with a side of Grade A beef, and if I’m feeling lucky, a nice tossed salad.

She’s got serious talent but she needs my direction – I just hope I can keep my di*k in my pants long enough to show her the ropes.

Click here to get Rock Hard Boss! 99 cents on Amazon. Free with KU. 

2)  Vivian Ward, One Wild Night

This is just… steamy!

I have to admit, normally menage books are not something I read a lot of. And this one is an MFMM menage, to boot. But it was suggested to me by a friend, and… well, yeah. Liked it. Loved it. Very fun. Good summer escapism — except you MIGHT want to read it with the AC cranked up! 🙂

Get it here! 99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited!

3) J.L. Burns, Their Spoiled Virgin

Yes, another menage title! They are all the rage right now, aren’t they? This one had a really awesome cover, so I decided to give it a shot. Confession: I haven’t finished it yet, but I do think it’s worth a share, because it is a good read! AND I don’t want the price to go up before I have a chance to share it with you!

Click to grab it! 99 cents, free with KU!

4) Amber Burns, Rowan: Woodsmen and City Girls

A fun, lumberjack-y hero, and a city girl heroine — what could be bad? He’s left the world of consumerism behind, she’s a driven corporate type. Fireworks ensue!

Tap to buy — 99 cents on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited!

That’s it for now! I’m going back into the writing cave. I’m 15,000 words into Book 3 of the Lords of Carnage series. Excited? Me, too! Stay tuned…

Love, Daphne


Daphne’s Deals for May 2017

It’s time for the (it’s finally spring) version of Daphne’s Deals for May 2017!

I don’t know about you, but wow, I am SO ready for warmer weather. My brain needs sun and green grass between my toes! I love reading outside — it’s one of my favorite ways to pamper myself.

So, if you do, too, here’s a special “it’s spring!” edition of Daphne’s Deals so you can load up your e-reader with great, hot reads. Let’s GO!

1) Natalia Banks. SOLD


Kerri Abernathy is an out-of-work scream queen still guilty over her rising-star husband’s self-destruction a year earlier. And he’s left her heavily in debt, to the government and to the mob. Her only way out is a bizarre underground auction where billionaires rent sex slaves for the weekend. Kerri meets Harden Steele and a sexual odyssey begins which will change both of their lives forever. Control, mastery, even bondage begin to reshape Kerri’s way of thinking and her way of life. But outside forces are closing in on Kerri, and even Harden’s vast power cannot protect her. Will Kerri’s past destroy her future? Will she survive and win the love of her life, or lose both?

99 cents, FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Click here to buy SOLD.

2) SJ Bishop, Naughty Professor

Adam is a penniless ex-con living a stolen lifestyle. Released from jail with nothing, he was more than happy to take over as CEO of his best-friend Aiden’s successful start-up. The only catch: he has to take his identity as well.

Note: This book was 99 cents when I chose it, but it has since gone up to $2.99. FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Click here to buy Naughty Professor.

3) Annette Fields, Love and War

I included a book by Annette Fields in last month’s edition of Daphne’s Deals, and this one is just as hot. It’s the second book in the Small Town Bad Boys series, and I can’t get enough. I hope you feel the same way.

From the book description: “I lost my job and my fiance in the same week, so a drink and a dirty f*ck are exactly what I need. Liam, with his killer body and stern orders for me to get on my knees, is the perfect one-night stand. But when he cries out another woman’s name in his sleep, I’m out of there. I don’t waste my time with cheaters. Turns out Mr. Hot Night Stand is a cop. The next night he saves my ass when I stupidly trust someone from my past. Truth be told, I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to feel his strong, protective arms around me. He’s like a drug and I can’t get enough.

I’m falling hard. But who is this woman whose named he called out in bed? Can I trust that she’s really in his past? Sure Liam’s a cop, but sometimes cops are the biggest liars of all…

99 cents, FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Click here to buy Love and War.

4) Nicole Elliot, Filthy Boss

I’m used to getting everything I want. Including women.
I mean why not? Money is power. And I have LOTS of it.
But this time all I want is my new hire, Madison.
She’s distractingly beautiful with those too full lips and curvy body.
I love the way she says my name.
Screams it even.
I want her on my desk, in the conference room, against the glass walls of my office.
Who cares if someone sees?
Not me. Let them watch. Maybe they’ll like it.
Time to put my money where my mouth is.
And time for her to put her mouth where my money is.

99 cents, FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Click here to buy Filthy Boss.

That’s it for the May edition of Daphne’s Deals! Enjoy the warm weather and the hot reads! 

Oh, and one more thing:
My latest book, HAWK, will be coming out VERY soon!
I’ll be sending out an email in a couple of days with an exclusive cover reveal, and also a few sneak peek chapters.
Watch this space!!! 🙂 Or, sign up for my mailing list to get an email just as soon as Hawk comes out!Signing up is easy. All you need is an email address.

*   *   *

Do you love free books? Yes you do! Dozens of free books are waiting for you at MK Gilher’s Taming the Bad Boy Giveaway! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


GHOST: A Lords of Carnage MC Romance



I wait. I bide my time. You don’t even know I’m there. Until it’s too late.

They call me Ghost for a reason. Silent and in the shadows, I don’t make my move until I am absolutely sure of everything.

Four years ago I was sure about Jenna. My best friend’s kid sister had grown up into a spitfire I couldn’t resist.

One night we stopped resisting…

We promised we’d keep it a secret. It was a one-time mistake, but we’d put it behind us. Jenna left me but I kept my word.

I kept my secrets. I don’t like surprises.

When she came back home to Tanner Springs, it didn’t surprise me. She tried to get out of our corrupt town, but it pulled her back in again.

But when I saw who she brought with her, it was the biggest f*cking surprise of my life.

She needs help, she needs protection. I’ll do all of that for her, if she’ll just shut the hell up and let me.  She can even keep all of her secrets, except for one….


The Lords of Carnage MC has haunted me from the moment I was born. No matter how much I try to get away, they are there, waiting to pull me back in to the life that stole my father, my mother and then my brother from me. The ghosts of my past keep rising from the dead.

Now the past is stirring again and all I want to do is run away. But it’s not just me anymore. I’ve got my little boy to look out for too. He needs a father. He needs a family.

I swore I would never go back to the MC. I would never make the same mistakes again. But making mistakes with Casper Watkins is too f*cking irresistible….

Now I’m back in the world I fled and the secrets and lies of my whole family are about to be laid bare.

GHOST, the first book in the new Lords of Carnage MC series, is a completely stand-alone full-length novel, with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and guaranteed HEA. 

Want to get an email just as soon as GHOST is live? Join my mailing list!

Signing up is simple. All you need is your email address:



It’s Daphne’s Deals for March 2017

It’s Daphne’s Deals for March 2017!

If you’re new to my blog or newsletter, on the first of every month, I compile a list of good deals on bad boy romance novels by other authors that are either free or discounted at 99 cents. This month, there’s also a romance book free giveaway I’m going to tell you about, too. So, let’s get to it!

First, the giveaway:  

My girl M.K. Gilher organized a hot ebook giveaway called Taming the Bad Boy for the month of March, featuring twenty sexy bad-boy books for free!
Click here to go to the promo and get your free books!

Now, the Deals:

Big Bad Boss, by Annette Fields

I’m ruthless in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Everyone wants a piece, whether it’s in my bank account or in my pants. But I operate alone. After what my ex business partner did, no one’s getting close enough to threaten my family again. When I buy Aubrey’s brewery, that fiery little bombshell with her green eyes and sharp tongue turns it all upside down for me. I’m breaking all my own rules just to get a taste of her sweet nectar. Her curves are just my type and even her brain gets me hard as a rock. I know she’ll come after my money like all the rest once I make her sensual body quiver with pleasure. So why are all my instincts telling me to keep her for good?  99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited.

Love, Passion, and Power, by Whitley Cox

When personal trainer Kendra Black saw millionaire Justin Williams walk through her door all she saw was money and a practiced swagger. A man who’s used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But Kendra is startled to realize that there is more to Justin than meets the eye, he’s kind and funny and brilliant, and she wants him, desperately. Unable to resist Kendra or her fiery spirit and zest for life, right from the start, Justin pursues her, only her troubled childhood holds her back. She’s been running from love for so long, she doesn’t know how to stop and let it catch up. 99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited. 

Boss, by Helen Lucas

BOSS.  That’s the only name he gives me. The only thing I can call him. I don’t know shit about him, besides the fact that he’s rich as sin. And he’s got a body that, well… I’ll embarrass myself if I tell you how much I like it. Almost as much as I like his desires. Dark as the night. But who is he? He won’t even let me see his face—but either way, I feel like I’m drowning in him, as he molds me into his plaything…  FREE on Amazon. 

Okay, that’s Daphne’s Deals for March 1!
And hey, heads up: Be on the lookout for an email from me VERY SOON about a brand-new motorcycle club romance I’ll be releasing in March!  Eeeee! 😀


Happy new year!

Ha — it’s already two weeks into 2017, so I’m a little late on the draw to this one. But still — it’s a new year, and it’s at least still January, so I’m taking it.

Mr. Loveling and I spent Christmas in sunny Costa Rica this year. It’s all part of my grand master plan to “retire” someplace sunny and keep writing with sand beneath my toes. Of course, it’s not exactly retiring if I plan to continue writing, is it?  Anyway, we loved Costa Rica, and I might even think about learning to surf if we move there! Which, if you know anything about me is kind of amazing. I like being outside and being active, but my idea of an extreme sport is walking while holding a hot beverage in my hand.

I have lots of writing projects planned for this year, including a special, exclusive novella available ONLY for subscribers to my mailing list! It’s a prequel to the Stone Kings series, and it’s about Grey Stone’s parents, Jackson and Roxanne, and how they fell in love.

The novella is available now, but only to subscribers! So if you haven’t signed up for my mailing list yet, now’s the time! Click here to go straight there and claim your free bonus novella!

I wish you the very best of health and happiness for 2017, and I’m sending you love and positive vibes from the frozen Midwest!

Love, Daphne


Getting the DOWN is live on Amazon!

My new football bad-boy romance is just the thing for a little escapism right now. I think you’re going to love this one!

So, curl up on your couch with your favorite throw, your favorite beverage, or your favorite furry friend, and sink into the steamy story of Jake and Rinn. I’m leaving it at 99 cents for now, and it’s FREE to read if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Click here to grab Getting the DOWN!


I’m the best damn quarterback in the league. Bar none. On and off the field, men want to be me, and women want to be with me.

But she doesn’t care about football. All she knows is I’ve been chosen as the public face of the foundation she works for. Which means I’ll be spending a lot of time staring at that tight little a** and plump, sassy mouth. And I intend to make that time very worth my while.

She’s in charge of cleaning up my image. But I can tell by the way her cheeks flush and her breath hitches when she looks at me: underneath that prim and proper exterior, sexy little Rinn Blake is all kinds of ready to get down and dirty with me.


I’ve worked my ass off for years to get where I am. And I’m not about to let cocky, full-of-himself Jake Ryland screw it up for me.

Even though every time he looks my way — eyes raking down my body like he owns it – I feel like I’m going to burst into flames. It makes me want to risk everything to feel his heat.

My career depends on keeping Jake on the straight and narrow, and keeping my brain in the driver’s seat. But Jake Ryland makes me want to lose control. Even if letting go ends up destroying everything I’ve ever worked for.

Getting the Down is a full-length, standalone novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a heart-melting HEA. Special bonus novel THROTTLE included for a limited time!


It’s Daphne’s Deals for November 2016!

Hey, lovelies!

It’s a gorgeous fall day here at Daphne’s house, and I’m in the mood to hunker down under my favorite blanket in our sun room with a good book. Especially because I’m giving myself a couple of much-needed days off from writing, having just finished my next novel!  (Coming out November 15! Sign up for my mailing list to be notified just as soon as it goes live!)

This month, I’m going to be telling you about FOUR books instead of my usual three. But I have a confession to make — not all of them are books I’ve read. One of them I read and LOVED, one of them I’m reading now, and the last two are next on my list. SO, let’s get going, shall we?

1) BIG TIME, by KB Winters

I just finished this book a couple of days ago, and I really loved it. It’s got everything you want in a bad boy romance — including a wickedly cocky, hot-as-hell man and a woman who tries like hell to resist him (but we all know there’s no resisting a bad boy!). Great story, hot rapport between the characters. A winner. 99 cents, free with KU.

2)  BIG BALLER, by Abbi Hemp

I don’t know what it is about “big” in titles of football romances… Hmmm, do you think they’re trying to tell us something? 😉  I just started reading this one, and I’m liking it a lot so far. It’s a little different from your typical bad boy football romance. The main character, Heidi, has fallen on some hard times, and to make ends meet, she is stripping in a bar so she can afford college. It’s a book about tough choices, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. 99 cents, free with KU.

3) BOSS by Julia Gardener

I’ve read this author’s hockey romance Blades of Passion, and I really liked that one, so I’m looking forward to this new release from Julia Gardener. It’s next on my list after I finish Big Baller. I like a good mafia romance, so I’ve got high hopes for this one. 99 cents, free with KU.

4)  LOVE DEBT, by Simone Scarlet

This one is more of an erotic novel than a romance, though. A prim and proper housewife makes a deal with her sexy ex-boyfriend to spend three days with him, doing anything he tells her to. It looks pretty hot and steamy… just the thing for a cold November night! 99 cents, free with KU.

That’s it for the November edition of Daphne’s Deals. Be on the lookout for another post from me soon: a cover reveal for my new football romance, Getting the Down! The cover is SOOO gorgeous, I’m excited to share it with you!


It’s Daphne’s Deals for October 2016!

Hey, there, readers! It’s time for my review of the best free or discounted bad boy romances I read last month.

Sorry I’m a little late — I was on vacation in sunny Colorado with my husband, visiting family (yes, it was beautiful! I love Colorado so much!)

So: let’s get to it, shall we?

1) Hard Bastard, by B.B. Hamel

I’m really enjoying B.B. Hamel’s stuff lately, and this second chance mafia romance is no exception. Also, if you’ve never read anything by her before, this one is a perfect book to pick up, because she’s put two of her other novels in as a special bonus, so you can have a Hamel-fest weekend!  Click here to get Hard Bastard. 99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited.

2) Bad Play, by Kristen Flowers

I’ve been reading a lot of sports romances lately (and, hint hint, I’ll be releasing one of my own very soon!) and this one really grabbed me. The rapport between the main character and the cocky quarterback is so much fun to read, and the sexual tension is yum!  This book also has a bonus novel included, called Fourth Down and Dirty, which is also a great read. Click here to grab it. 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited.

3) Low: A Rockstar Romance, by Vivian Lux

I’m right in the middle of this book, and it’s a really engaging, fun read — not to mention it’s doing really, really well in the Kindle store right now, so clearly other people agree with me! Just like the other two books, this one has TWO bonus novels included. So, if you buy all three of these books, you’re actually getting EIGHT novels. Crazy, eh? I think you’ll love Low as much as I’m loving it so far!  99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited.

There you go — an awesome romance library to heat you up as the weather starts to get colder!

Also, be on the lookout for an email from me soon about my next release: STAND, the fourth and final book in the Stone Kings MC series!


RIDE is live!

RIDE is live!

Have you been waiting for Trig and Eva’s story? I hope you will LOVE it!

RIDE is a slight departure from the other books in the series, in that it’s a little less motorcycle-club focused, but I think you’ll see why when you start reading the story.

Click here to go straight to the Amazon page for RIDE!


Speed defines my life. Fast bikes and fast women, with no attachments and no regrets.

Until one epically bad decision brings me screeching to a halt — and face to face with the only woman who ever made me want to slow down and stay awhile.

Eva Van Buren. Ten years ago, I was this close to getting my hands on that tight little body. Now, she’s my physical therapist.

I’ve never forgotten her beauty: blonde hair, amazing sapphire eyes, toned legs … and the way she moves, every step turning me on. There’s just one little problem with our unexpected reunion.

She f*cking hates me.

I don’t care. Life has given me another shot and I’m not wasting it. While Eva works to get me back on my feet, I’ll be doing everything possible to get her off of hers … and into my bed.


Trig Jackson. The most arrogant manwhore on the planet. I don’t have time for men — but if I did, he’d be last on my list.

I have to stay professional. Which isn’t easy when his muscled, tattooed body makes me want to touch him all over … especially in places that have nothing to do with his treatment.

He hurt me like no one ever has. I have to remember that, dig up the pain from where I buried it, and use it to keep him at bay. Ignore his sexy smile and all the things that made me fall for him back then.

I can’t trust him. So why do I want to rip his clothes off and give him the most intimate therapy possible?

RIDE is book 3 of the Stone Kings MC series. It is completely stand-alone, with no cliffhangerno cheating and a happy ending.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: This edition of RIDE also contains RUSH and CRASH, books 1 and 2. Also included: Special SNEAK PREVIEW of Book 4, STAND.

RIDE is 99 cents for a limited time, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Click here to start enjoying RIDE!



It’s cover reveal Tuesday!

RIDE, the third standalone book in the Stone Kings MC series, will be released next TUESDAY, September 20.

I can’t wait!

So today, I’m giving you a sneak peak at the cover and book description.

RIDE is the story of Trig, the Stone Kings VP, and his lady love Eva.

Here’s the cover:


Speed defines my life. Fast bikes and fast women, with no attachments and no regrets.

Until one epically bad decision brings me screeching to a halt — and face to face with the only woman who ever made me want to slow down and stay awhile.

Eva Van Buren. Ten years ago, I was this close to getting my hands on that tight little body. Now, she’s my physical therapist.

I’ve never forgotten her beauty: blonde hair, amazing sapphire eyes, toned legs … and the way she moves, every step turning me on. There’s just one little problem with our unexpected reunion.

She f*cking hates me.

I don’t care. Life has given me another shot and I’m not wasting it. While Eva works to get me back on my feet, I’ll be doing everything possible to get her offof hers … and into my bed.


Trig Jackson. The most arrogant manwhore on the planet. I don’t have time for men — but if I did, he’d be last on my list.

I have to stay professional. Which isn’t easy when his muscled, tattooed body makes me want to touch him all over … especially in places that have nothing to do with his treatment.

He hurt me like no one ever has. I have to remember that, dig up the pain from where I buried it, and use it to keep him at bay. Ignore his sexy smile and all the things that made me fall for him back then.

I can’t trust him. So why do I want to rip his clothes off and give him the most intimate therapy possible?

RIDE: A Stone Kings Motorcycle Club Romance will be coming out on Tuesday, Sept. 20. 99 cents for a limited time, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


Daphne’s Deals for September 2016

Hey, there, readers! It’s time for my review of the best free or discounted bad boy romances I read last month.
Also, scroll down to the very end of this blog post to get some TOP SECRET info about my next releases!

Let’s get started: 

1) Sosie Frost, Happily Ever All-Star: A Secret Baby Romance

I just discovered Sosie Frost, and she is going to be a new favorite! She’s hilarious, her genre is bad boy with romantic comedy tones… And she knows how the hell to write a sex scene. That’s all you need to know.

I’m pretty sure this book is going to go up to $2.99 pretty soon, because it looks like she raises the price on her books after they’ve been out a few weeks. So grab it now.  99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited. 

2)  Meg Jackson, Brick: A Bad Boy Biker MC Romance

Uh… YUM! This is a new stand-alone novel by Meg Jackson, and it’s got very compelling characters, a great story line and smoking hot sex. Since it’s a biker book, it’s worth mentioning that there’s no cheating and an awesome happy ending. Who could ask for more in an MC novel?  99 cents, free with KU.

3) Tabatha Kiss, Home Run Baby: A Sports Romance

A confession: I haven’t finished this one yet (I just picked it up yesterday) but I already love it!  It’s very funny, kind of emotional, and I really like the heroine. Great story, too. This one is a…. home run (sorry, I just could not resist). GRAB IT! 99 cents, free with KU.


NOW, a special announcement about my next releases (drumroll please!):

First of all, I will be releasing a collection of billionaire shorts, all written by yours truly, in just a few days. The bundle is called Daphne’s Delights: The Billionaire Collection. You’ll get an email about that as soon as it’s live.

The THIRD book in the Stone Kings MC series, RIDE, will be out on September 20. It’s about Trig, VP of the Stone Kings, and his lady Eva.

If you’ve read my second book in that series, CRASH, you may already know that. BUT… I’ve decided there is going to be a FOURTH book as well, about Cal. That book will be out on October 18.  SO EXCITING!

Okay, divas! That’s it for my September edition of Daphne’s Deals. Be on the lookout for an exclusive cover reveal for RIDE in the next two weeks. As always, if you want to get information about my new releases sent straight to your inbox, sign up for my mailing list right here!   No spam, ever — that’s a promise!




CRASH is live!

CRASH is live! Hooray!


I’m leaving it at 99 cents for just a little while before I raise the price to $2.99, so grab it now before the price goes up! And of course, it’s also FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

 Click here to go to the Amazon page and get your copy!

She’s a good girl … from a world I left behind years ago. One where virtue and purity are all that matter. She’s never learned about desire, about lust. And how a fire can burn so hot that you’ll risk anything to quench the flames.

I’m going to change all that. She’s got a body that was made for pleasure — she just doesn’t know it yet. And I’m just the bastard to teach her.

She’s come to me for protection from the cold, cruel world. Trouble is, the thing she needs protecting from most of all … is me.

He was just a name — my only chance to escape from the way I was raised. I went to him in desperation, hoping for help, for refuge.

I found a man unlike any I’ve ever known. And now I understand: purity is easy when there’s no temptation.

His touch fills me with forbidden longing. He sets me on fire … until burning up sounds like heaven.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of CRASH!

CRASH is the second of three stand-alone novels in the Stone Kings MC series. For a LIMITED TIME, it is on sale for 99 cents. CRASH is HEA, steaming hot, and has absolutely no cliffhanger!

Also note that this version of CRASH includes the first 2 chapters of Stone Kings Book 3: RIDE, as a special bonus. RIDE will be available on September 20, 2016!


Cover reveal for CRASH!

CRASH, the second book in the Stone Kings MC series, is coming out on August 22!

CRASH-PRINT copy.jpg


She’s a good girl … from a world I left behind years ago. One where virtue and purity are all that matter. She’s never learned about desire, about lust. And how a fire can burn so hot that you’ll risk anything to quench the flames.

I’m going to change all that. She’s got a body that was made for pleasure — she just doesn’t know it yet. And I’m just the bastard to teach her.

She’s come to me for protection from the cold, cruel world. Trouble is, the thing she needs protecting from most of all … is me.


He was just a name — my only chance to escape from the way I was raised. I went to him in desperation, hoping for help, for refuge.

I found a man unlike any I’ve ever known. And now I understand: purity is easy when there’s no temptation.

His touch fills me with forbidden longing. He sets me on fire … until burning up sounds like heaven.



Daphne’s Deals for August 2016

It’s Daphne’s Deals for August 2016!

Hey, there, readers! It’s time for the second installment of my new feature, where I review three or four of the best free or discounted bad boy romances I read last month.

I read a LOT of books in July — hey, what can I say, when I wasn’t busy writing, I was spending time in my hammock.  And I have FOUR really exciting books to tell you about. Let’s get to it!

1) Roxie Noir, REIGN

I’m on such a Roxie Noir kick right now… last month I promoted her book RIDE, and this one is just as good! It’s got a great plot, involving a hot as hell Russian-y military hero who is also the heir to the throne of the fictional country of Slevoria. The heroine is feisty, sassy, hilarious and real. Trust me on this, you WANT to read this book. 99 cents on Amazon, free to read with Kindle Unlimited. GET IT HERE.

2) Sienna Valentine, WRATH: A Bad Boy and Amish Girl Romance

I just finished this book last night. It’s the third and final book in Sienna Valentine’s Brody Bunch series. The cool thing is, Sienna has included books 1 and 2 in with this book, so you can read all three of them just by buying this one.

The main story line is that three hot young men make a bet to see who can be the first one to seduce one of three young, beautiful Amish women they encounter. But, there’s more to the “bet” than meets the eye…

The premise of the series is really cool — each one of the books is stand-alone, BUT they interlink in a really interesting way, so each book gives you one part of the story. The more you read, the more you learn. Neat, eh? 99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited.  GET IT HERE.


A lot of good sports romances came out in July. This is the first of two I’m going to recommend. Nikki Wild is a specialist at super, super-steamy sex scenes, and really tough bad boys. Her plots are really great, too — she knows how to keep an audience hanging. This book is about a superstar quarterback in the NFL, and a woman he shares a complicated history with that goes back to high school. I don’t want to tell you too much about the book, because the secret that Maisey is keeping from him is one you’ll want to discover on your own… 99 cents, free with KU.  GET IT HERE. 


This one is tearing up the charts, and I can definitely see why. It’s hot, fast, and a super-fun, page-turning read. James is a college football star who’s planning to go pro after he graduates, and Haley just can’t resist him, no matter how hard she tries. 99 cents on Amazon, free with KU. GET IT HERE.

That’s it for my August edition of Daphne’s Deals!

If you want to receive Daphne’s Deals as emails (I send them out once a month), as well as notifications of my new releases, sign up for my mailing list here:  http://eepurl.com/VVhh9 No spam, I promise!

Happy reading!



Book Two of the Stone Kings MC series will be released on August 22! This one is about Levi, Sergeant at Arms of the Stone Kings. I just loved the way it turned out, and I think you’re gonna LOVE it, too!

Here’s a sneak preview of the description — which I’m ONLY releasing right here:


She’s always been a good girl. Growing up the way she did, hidden away from the world, she was taught that virtue and purity were all that was important. She never learned about desire, about lust. And how they can make you risk anything to quench the flames. 

But I’m going to change all that. She’s got a body that was made for pleasure. She just doesn’t know it yet. And I’m just the bastard to teach her.

She’s come to me for protection from the cold, cruel world. Trouble is, the thing she needs protecting from most of all… is me.

Cover reveal day for CRASH is August 9! Watch this space for more info, or if you prefer, like me on Facebook and see it there!


RUSH: A Stone Kings Motorcycle Club Romance will be released on July 18!


The first novel in my NEW series, STONE KINGS MC, will be called RUSH, and will be released on July 18, 2016. 



I can’t stop lusting after a killer.

Greyson Stone is the president of the Stone Kings MC, and he’s seriously bad news. He’s big and bad, dripping with menace, and covered in tattoos. He has the kind of dominant swagger that should make me want to run away…

Instead, it makes me fantasize about him. Even though I know he’s a thug, even though men like Greyson caused the violence that ended my father’s life…

One rough, demanding night with Greyson, and I don’t know how to walk away. Even when life depends on it…


As the president of the Stone Kings, I have a few rules. Ride or die. Death before dishonor. And the club always, always comes before any woman.

Simple. Easy. At least, it is until I see her.

Big green eyes, killer curves, and that mouth… F*ck, the things I want to do to her. The second I saw her, I knew I wanted to make her mine. Ruin her for all other men.

I also knew that can’t ever happen, because I’m keeping a secret… and if anyone finds out, I’m not the only one who will get hurt.

One night with Seton in my bed, and suddenly I’m wondering… aren’t some rules meant to be broken?

Each novel in the STONE KINGS series will be completely stand-alone, HEA, with absolutely no cliffhangers.


Put RUSH on your Goodreads “Want to Read” list here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30750682-rush

Each novel in the STONE KINGS series will be completely stand-alone, HEA, with absolutely no cliffhangers.

The second book in the series, CRASH will be released on August 22.


Daphne’s Deals – July 2016 Edition

July 1, 2016
Hello, dear readers:

Today, I’m launching a new feature of my newsletter, called Daphne’s Deals. What is “Daphne’s Deals”, you might be wondering?

Well, I’m glad you asked! 🙂
See, I read a lot of romance novels. And every once in a while, there’s one that I think is so good, I want everyone to know about it.  SO. I’ve decided that once a month, on or about the first, I’ll send YOU all a list of three or so books that I just love that are either free or 99 cents, plus a brief, personal review of why I like them.

They’ll have one thing in common: all of them are BAD BOY romances! Because ooohh, I love a guy with a tough exterior but a soft, creamy center, don’t you?

So, without further ado (imagine a drum roll here): Here’s DAPHNE’S DEALS, First Edition for July 1, 2016!


Okay, okay, my VERY FIRST recommendation and I’m already breaking the rules, because this one is on Amazon for $2.99. But in my defense, it was 99 cents when I decided to write about it and the price has gone up since then. But, I’m still going to tell you about it because…

Oh, my gosh I LOVE this book! In fact, RIDE is the book that gave me the idea to do this newsletter in the first place! Why? Because, simply put, cowboy romances do absolutely NOTHING for me. In fact, I don’t think I had ever purchased a cowboy romance before a friend told me this one was worth my attention. And you know what? I completely fell in love with this story, and with leading man Jackson Cody.  He is brash, arrogant, and all around irresistible! The chemistry between Jackson and Mae is absolutely fantastic, and sexy scenes are… well, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. This book is funny, charming, engaging, and I promise you will love every minute of it.

Available on Amazon for $2.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited.


This book has been burning up the charts for a while now, so it’s not exactly a secret. If you like bad boy romances, you have probably at least heard of Sabrina Paige, and you’ve likely read at least one of her novels. But. There are two reasons why I’m recommending this one anyway;

First, I really love Killian the character. He’s hilarious, and Sabrina gives him some absolutely fabulous one-liners that had me laughing out loud. Plus, the sex scenes in this story are HOT.

Second, this book is the fourth and final one in Sabrina’s West Bend Saints series, AND if  you buy it, not only are the first three books included at the end of the novel, but Sabrina has also written a SPECIAL BONUS epilogue for Books One through Three! So you can go back and relive the happily ever afters of all your favorite West Bend Saints characters and find out what they have been doing since you last saw them! Cool!

Available on Amazon for 99 cents, or free with Kindle Unlimited


Lara Swann is a writer I just discovered this month, and CAPTIVE is the first book I’ve read by her. What I just love about this book is how feisty her heroine is! Alessa is a great blend of sheltered and tough in spite of it.  The premise of this novel is really unique, and had me flipping the virtual pages as fast as I could. This book is a great blend of suspense/action and a super-compelling love story between a stone cold killer and a mafia princess. How could you go wrong? 🙂

Available on Amazon for 99 cents or Free with Kindle Unlimited

WELL, THAT’S IT FOR THE FIRST EDITION OF “DAPHNE’S DELIGHTS,” just in time for the long Fourth of July weekend if you’re in the United States. Three perfectly sexy summer reads.

Have a great weekend!   – Daphne


Re-release of FUGITIVES MC

I’m re-releasing FUGITIVES MC today, launching it for FREE on Kindle Unlimited and for 99 cents on Amazon without KU. Pick it up today!


Two families. Four lives. One club.

Tallie Hendricks lost her older brother Kyle (road name Gonzo) to the Fugitives MC as a young girl. Now all grown up, Tallie goes back to the club to seek revenge for the family they destroyed. When she comes face to face with Spider — Kyle’s best friend and the new vice-president of the club — the encounter unleashes a dark secret from the past that threatens to blow the club wide apart. Their story, and the mystery of what really happened to Gonzo, will have you turning the pages of this explosive novel as fast as you can.

Click here to read Fugitives MC!


Re-release of Los Perdidos MC: Now on KU!

☆¸.•*¨*★☆ FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED! ☆★*¨*•.¸☆


Only 99 cents for a limited time! A full-length, stand-alone HEA novel:

the 2nd edition of LOS PERDIDOS MC (Sons of Glory Motorcycle Club Romance). 

Now with special bonus content!

All in. Or all out.  There is no in between.


I knew Smoke was bad news.  It was written all over him like the tattoos that lined his muscular arms. From the moment the vice-president of the Los Perdidos MC approached me with that panty-melting stare, I should have run far, far away.  But I’ve never been one to take the easy way out.

No matter how wrong it was, no matter how much I fought it, I couldn’t stay away.  My friends tried to warn me.  They tell me he’s dangerous.  They’re right. But with him, I feel more alive than I ever have.  Men like this don’t come with a white picket fence.  If I stay with him, I’m risking everything.  It’s his world or mine.  All out, or all in.  Once I choose, I can never go back.

Los Perdidos MC  is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGER.

Note: This edition of Los Perdidos MC contains a special bonus paranormal novella, Untamed Moon

Click here to start reading Los Perdidos MC now!



Announcement: Kindle Unlimited

I have an announcement. I wanted to let my readers know that effective June 1st, I will start migrating my novels and novellas exclusively in Amazon.com, and making them free through Kindle Unlimited.

I apologize to any readers who are inconvenienced by this choice.  I wish I felt I had a choice in the matter, but at the end of the day, my books will reach more readers through Amazon exclusivity and KU.  On the plus side, I plan to offer ALL of my novels and collections at 99 cents for the near future, so even if you don’t have KU, buying them through Amazon has never been more inexpensive!

I will be publishing new editions of all of my books in my catalog through KU with bonus material in all of them, I will be advertising these editions to my mailing list as they come out. So look for emails in the coming weeks!






The first novel in my NEW series, STONE KINGS MC, will be called RUSH, and will be out sometime this summer (just as soon as I can get things wrapped up at my every-day job and start writing!!!).

This will be the start of a series of at least three novels (if my readers want even more of the STONE KINGS, I’ll keep writing more!).  RUSH will be out sometime in July, with the sequel, CRASH, out about a month after that.  Watch this space for cover reveals, and more info about our pair of star-crossed lovers, Seton and Grey.





Yes, it’s true!

Maybe you didn’t know that I wasn’t a full-time author.  Certainly, there are plenty of full-timers out there who only manage to publish a novel a year.  But I have been juggling (badly) a full-time career with my writing for three-plus years now.  And it’s been frustrating, to say the least. I have wanted so much to devote more time to writing, interacting with readers, and working to grow as an author.

Well, now the time is here. I said goodbye to my full-time job, and as of May 22, I’m going to transition to writing full-time.  Thankfully, my FANTASTIC husband is completely on board for this. So, get ready: Daphne’s gearing up!

I have been busily plotting out a new series, called STONE KINGS MC.  The first stand-alone volume, RUSH, will be out sometime around August 1st (more on that later).  I’ll be able to share the cover and some more details soon.







THROTTLE MC: A STEPBROTHER ROMANCE is available for preorder on Amazon

Only 99 cents to pre-order THROTTLE MC on Amazon! Grab it now before the price goes up!


I was still reeling from what had happened between me and Ryker that morning. It had been completely wrong, completely unexpected.

And the best sex of my life.

HADLEY is headstrong, beautiful, and sexy as hell. She’s also the daughter of the president of The Throttle MC. When Hadley comes back to town to reconcile with her past, little does she know the handsome stranger she meets by the side of the road is going to bring her a world full of trouble.

RYKER is the Vice President of The Throttle MC. He’s a reckless bad boy who can handle anything life throws at him… until the one woman he can never have plunges headlong into his life.

From best-selling author Daphne Loveling… a steamy new standalone novel you won’t be able to put down!

Throttle MC features sizzling romance, HEA, no cliffhanger and no cheating!


Hello again!

Hello, readers!

It’s been a looonnnnnggg time.

Life happened this past year… and boy, did it happen with a vengeance. But I’m back now, health and personal issues resolved.  Thanks to all of you who emailed me to express concern — it meant a lot to me to hear from you.

Well, now… I have a great surprise for you!  I’m just putting the finishing touches on my latest novel, Throttle MC: A Stepbrother Romance!  It’s going to be coming out on August 14 at all major e-retailers! For now, here’s a sneak peak at the awesome new cover!




New Release! Untamed Moon, only 99 cents on Amazon!

Untamed Moon, my new free-standing novella, is out now on Amazon.  Only 99 cents for a limited time only, and also available for borrow on Kindle Unlimited!


Intrigue, danger, and passion, under the Untamed Moon…

Walking home late one night, curvy Kait is abducted by two dangerous men who threaten to kill her if she doesn’t do what they want. Kait is rescued by an enormous gray wolf that jumps out of the shadows to fight the two men. What Kait witnesses that night is beyond her comprehension – especially when her wolf savior shifts before her eyes into the form of Tristan, a gorgeous human man.

What happens next throws the two strangers together in a world of danger and uncertainty, with only Tristan to protect them. And through it all, Kait knows she will have to make a difficult choice: will she abandon the only life she’s ever known to follow him – and embark on a future in which both their lives are at risk?

Note: Parts of this free-standing novella were previously published under the title Under The Wild Moon. Click now to purchase or borrow on Kindle Unlimited.


And now for something completely different… Here’s my writing buddy!


This is my little baby.  Her name is Petunia.  She sits by me as I write, and gives me a tummy to rub when I’m having writer’s block.  She loves twist ties, paper bags, and smooches on the face.  (Well, she only tolerates that last one, but luckily for me, she’s a good sport.)

She’s sitting next to me right now, actually, in my lovely new office, as I gear up for the new week and try to decide which of my long list of ideas will be the subject of my next story.

Have a fantastic evening, and a great week!

– Daphne


My writing space… part one

Husband and I are in the process of transforming my writing space.  It’s almost done, and I’ll be doing the BIG REVEAL soon!  I’m very excited.

In the meantime, though, here’s a picture of the coffee cup that sits next to me as I write. 


It’s a world map, yes.  Which reminds me that part of the reason I write is because I love to travel, and I want to retire to a place where I can continue to write my stories and novels on a beach somewhere… with a margarita next to me… okay, a pitcher of margaritas…

Okay, I’m getting carried away.  And it’s only 10 a.m.  Not time for happy hour yet.

But the other cool (but sad) thing about this cup is, when you pour a steaming-hot beverage into it, the heat transforms the image to show what the world map will look like in 2100 from the effects of climate change. 

Which reminds me of how precious our world is, and all the people in it.  And how important it is to not take the time we have on this planet for granted. 

Now, off to write.



Fugitives MC: The Novel is here!


A shattered past. An explosive future.

Tallie Hendricks lost her older brother Kyle (road name Gonzo), to the Fugitives MC as a young girl. Now all grown up, she goes back to the club to seek revenge for the family they destroyed. When she comes face to face with Spider — Kyle’s best friend and the new vice-president of the club — the encounter unleashes a dark secret from the past that threatens to blow the club wide apart. Their story, and the mystery of what really happened to Gonzo, will have you turning the pages of this sexy novel as fast as you can.

Note: This is the bestselling Fugitives MC series, brought together as a complete novel. Entirely re-edited and seamlessly merged, this deliciously sexy novel tells the story of your favorite club members Gonzo and Spider, and the women who love them! If you read the Fugitives serial parts 1-3, you have read this already!





Hey!  Thanks for coming to my site!  It’s been a long time coming, I must say.  I’ve been a self-published author for almost a year now (my first anniversary as a published writer is coming up at the end of June 2014) and I just finally decided that I could not let that anniversary pass before getting a working website up and running.

So, what will you find on this page?  Well, lots of stuff!  Notices about new releases and special deals from Daphne-land, of course.  Also, interesting tidbits about the world of romance and erotic romance, including some guest posts, notices of awesome new titles from other writers I think you might enjoy, and the occasional picture of my cats.  Thanks for visiting!  I hope you come back soon!  And feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion for things you’d like to see.  Thanks!