Meet Daphne

Untitled designI’m a small-town girl who moved to the big city as a young adult in search of adventure.  Since that fateful day where I took a deep breath and took a chance, I’ve traveled and lived all over the world.  I gravitate toward hot climates — the steamier the better! I grew up in the cold and snowy tundras of the American Midwest. Someday, I hope to retire to a sandy beach and continue my writing with sand between my toes.

These days, I live in the Great Lakes region with my hot-as-hell husband and our two adorable cats.  When I’m not writing, I’m reading. My tastes in books definitely run the gamut.  I am a sucker for a bad boy romance, though. Aren’t we all?

Thank you so much for reading my work, and for supporting independent authors!

I love to hear from readers, and always appreciate your feedback.

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