More food musings…

In the last month, if you’ve been following my newsletter, you know I’ve been craving:

1) corn dogs; and

2) toasted (well, burnt) marshmallows…

And yeah, I definitely got my chance to eat both of these delicious treats! 

The corn dog came from a state fair booth…
in a Harley Davidson store parking lot.

The s’more, I’m embarrassed to say, I made by toasting/burning the marshmallow on my gas stove.
But hey, that s’more was freakin’ delicious, so no regrets. 

Today, I’m gonna talk about maybe even my favorite summer treat of them all. And this one is even healthy! (whoa)

I’m talking about… TOMATOES!

Tomatoes are the best in the summer. There’s nothing like the taste of a ripe tomato picked straight off the vine. This year, our garden has cherry tomato plants and regular tomato plants. Thankfully, our cherry tomatoes are producing a lot, because the larger tomatoes aren’t doing great. We’ve only had 3 ripe full-size tomatoes, and usually we’d have tons by now. Boo!

The silver lining for us is that we have a friend who is a gardening MANIAC.
He has a veritable urban garden on his acre of land in the middle of the city. And this year, he has (get this)…
130 FREAKING TOMATO PLANTS in his back yard!

This nutcase obviously can’t eat all those tomatoes by himself — even after canning and otherwise preserving his ass off. So, in a few days, Mr. Loveling is going over there and he’s gonna basically fill up our entire car with tomatoes.

And in case you’re sitting there reading this, admiring me for how healthy I’ll be after eating all those tomatoes…

Probably half of them will be consumed as part of my very favorite food in the whole universe…


(Bye for now. Off to eat my weight in BLTs…)

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