The corn dog follow-up, and another burning question 🔥

Two weeks ago, I wrote to you about the great corn dog vs. pronto pup debate.

It was a subject that was on my mind, because normally this time of year, I’m getting ready to go to the Minnesota State Fair and eat my weight in food on a stick.

This year, though, the fair has been canceled, so I’m in mourning.
And I definitely had corn dogs on my mind.

(Note: If you haven’t read that blog entry, here’s the post)

Well. You’ll be happy to know that I FOUND myself some corn dogs!!!!

Mr. Loveling and I tracked down a fair food stall that had been set up in the parking lot of a Harley-Davidson store near us.

So on Sunday, we went and gorged on corn dogs, deep fried cheese curds, and even mini donuts!

It. Was. Glorious.

Seriously, it was just what I needed.
I’m still sad about missing the fair this year, but getting to munch on some fair food made me feel a ton better.

Then a couple of days ago, I ran into another burning summertime question.

And I immediately realized I need to know your answer, as well…

How do you like your marshmallows?

Me? I’m a #6 all the way. Burn that sucker, baby!

In fact, whenever I roast a marshmallow, what I basically do is put it on the stick, then immediately hold it directly into a flame so it catches fire.
When it stops burning, it’s done!

Then I peel off the outer crust, eat that, and do the same with the next layer.
And so on, and so on, until the marshmallow disappears.

Half the time, the marshmallow doesn’t even make it in between the graham crackers for my s’more.



Until next time,

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