Corn dogs or pronto pups? And why it matters…

Hey there! Hope you’re doing well!

 I can’t believe it’s mid-July already… how did that happen?

And what a weird July it is, too.

In a normal year, mid-July would mean one thing for this Minnesotan:

I’d be starting to think about the Minnesota State Fair.

In a normal summer, the best state fair in the entire United States (fight me) would be gearing up to start in just about one month.

I love the fair. And other than the baby animal exhibits, 99% of the reason I even like going is because of the food.

Foods on a stick, fried foods, weird foods… I love it all. I love trying the new stuff they introduce every year, and I love revisiting my old stand-bys.

And with that, mid-July also brings up the perennial burning question in the minds of all respectable fairgoers:

Corn dogs or pronto pups?


It’s a question that has polarized more than one family.
The implications of one’s choice reach deep into the psyche.
This is important stuff, people!!!

Are you a corn dog connoisseur?
Or a pronto pup proponent?

Pretty much everyone has a ready answer to the above question — right?


Okay, maybe not everyone cares about this as much as I do.
Heck, maybe my non-US peeps are scratching their heads right now, squinching up their faces and saying…
“Daphne, I honestly don’t have any idea what you’re on about.”

Well, if you aren’t up on the “lingo” —
or if you somehow mistakenly thought “corn dog” and “pronto pup” were interchangeable (shame on you!) — let me set you straight.

Both corn dogs and pronto pups are hot dogs on a stick, with a delicious fried batter coating.

But, my friends, there is where the similarities end. Because:

A corn dog uses corn meal or corn flour in its breading/batter.

A pronto pup is generally made with a flour or pancake batter. 

Which one is better?

Well… I guess opinions differ on this.
Even though there is an objectively true answer.

(What?! If I think it, doesn’t that make it the truth?)

The answer is…


But whether you prefer corn dogs or pronto pups, one thing is sadly true…

I don’t get to go to the Minnesota State Fair this year to eat them. 🙁 

This makes me very sad.
But maybe next year, right?
Yeah, next year for sure. 

Now, for the even bigger question…

Ketchup or mustard?


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