I went to the “beach”…

Check out this hot “beach” photo!

I mean, technically that’s true… right? LOL!

I’m writing to you from the shores of Lake Superior — and this is me yesterday, sitting on my balcony, sipping a delicious adult beverage and watching the waves crash against the shore…

I really know how to take a vacation, don’t I? 😉

To be honest, it’s really cool up here. I’m in northern Minnesota, somewhere north of Duluth. It’s about 15 degrees right now, heading down into the single digits today. I’m on what authors call a “writing retreat” — which is a fancy term for leaving my everyday life behind and spending some time alone in a cabin trying not to spend too much time on social media.

Mr. Loveling is with me, so I’m not entirely alone. I’m working on TANK, book 10 in the Lords of Carnage series, which I hope to get out in March. Cross your fingers for me that I get some good words in while I’m up here!

Here’s another picture of Lake Superior from the balcony, taken yesterday:

It’s beautiful. In a harsh, haunting way.

I hope your January is going well so far — any New Year’s Resolutions? My main one is to eat better and hopefully get rid of a few pounds. (Me and half the population of the United States, I’m sure…)

I hope to have more updates for you on Tank’s book in my next newsletter, coming in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile: thinking to warmer weather, what are you doing in June?

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