Happy almost-New-Years-Eve! 

And Merry belated Christmas to you, too!

I hope that all of you who celebrate Christmas had a restful, relaxing holiday — full of good food and good friends. 

Here at the Loveling household, we had a very quiet Christmas — even quieter than usual. We usually have at least one of my two stepdaughters and her family here for Christmas day. But this year, my younger stepdaughter was with her husband’s family, and my older stepdaughter was on her honeymoon to Spain! So it was just me and Mr. Loveling.

Thankfully, our best friends in town were on their own this year, too, and they invited us to their place for Christmas dinner. They are amazing cooks, so the food was absolutely fantastic. And then two days after Christmas is my birthday, so we had them over to our house for dinner that day!

Lots of food, lots of fun, and very relaxing. Just the way I like it.

But yeah, my New Years resolution is definitely to drop the pounds I gained from all that eating and drinking… and then some! 😉

But tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, so there’ll be one more celebration before I tighten my belt — literally!

We always go out to the same restaurant with two groups of friends on New Year’s Eve. We’ve been doing this for close to ten years now. It’s nice, because we never have to ask ourselves what we’re going to do on NYE! And we’re generally back home in plenty of time to ring in the new year just the two of us(on the rare occasions that we manage to stay up until midnight, that is…).

How about you? What did you do for your Christmas celebrations?
What do you have planned for New Years Eve?

Email me at daphneloveling@gmail.com and tell me — I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a safe and happy 2020!


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