Stuff readers ask me: Where do you write?


This question is an easy one to answer:

99% of the time, if you wonder where I was when I was writing, formatting, or editing the book you’re reading, I was right here. With my a** planted right in that chair. (And probably with Petunia sitting right where she is, too, taking up most of the space on my desk.)

This is my home office. It used to be a second bedroom, which is where my stepdaughters would sleep when they were over for the weekend. But now my stepdaughters are grown and living on their own. So right before I decided to go full-time as an author, Mr. Loveling said to me, “It’s time to give you a place of your own to work, where you’ll be happy spending many hours a day creating worlds and characters who fall in love.”

Well, he probably didn’t say it exactly like that! He probably just said, “You need an office. Go make one you like.”

And I do like this space. It’s actually pretty small. But it’s mine. No one goes in it but me, for the most part. My daily commute is about ten seconds — from the front sun room where I hang out with Mr. Loveling until he has to go to work, to the back of the house, and my office. When I come in here, I’m in work mode. A switch flips in my head, and for the next few hours it’s down to business, writing my word count for the day.

I know a lot of authors like to write in coffee shops, or at the library, or even just sitting on their couch with a laptop in their laps. I’m not one of those people. I do occasionally work in a coffee shop (like yesterday, actually). But if you see me working in my favorite cafe, I’m probably editing or formatting, not writing. It turns out, I need the predictability of a set routine in order to write well.

And, it also turns out that I write best when I’m sitting there in my jammies, my hair pulled up in a messy bun and my glasses on, with my mug of coffee next to me. I like to write first thing in the morning. Before I’ve put in my contacts, or taken a shower, or styled my hair, or anything like that. (Yup, that means before I’ve brushed my teeth, too. Sorry. TMI.) Once I’ve let the distractions of the world in for the day, my concentration goes out the window. Sometimes I go out to the gym or for a run at lunchtime, then come back and write some more. But the bulk of the writing I do happens in the morning — before I have to see or interact with anyone except for Mr. Loveling and the cats. In the morning, the only people I’m “talking” to are the characters in the book I’m working on — who are doing their damnedest to resist falling in love with one another.

So, now you know the full, ugly truth of where I am when I’m writing. That picture up at the top? I took it literally right before I started writing this post. So my a** is now planted in that chair. Petunia is now sleeping in the same spot — stretched out all over my papers, of course. I’m one cup of coffee down, and just about to get up and refresh it. And start writing for the day.

I hope your day is starting out well, too. Make it a great one!

xoxoxo Daphne


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