Stuff readers ask me: Write what you know?

This question is high on the list of things that people ask me — especially my real-life friends who know I am a romance author. They ask me whether I’m “writing what I know” — in other words, am I using scenes from my own life in my books?

Well… given that the majority of my books so far have been about motorcycle clubs, no… I am not an old lady in an MC, lol! And I’d venture to guess that probably no other romance authors who write MC romance are, either. Though, I do know how to ride a motorcycle. And I have owned a few motorcycles throughout my life, though never a Harley, unfortunately. My pride and joy, which I had for many years, was actually a 1972 BMW R60:


(Note: The picture above is/was not my actual bike. It’s a picture I found on Google images. But it looks exactly like my lovely baby did when I sold her!)


These days, I have to get my motorcycle fixes vicariously, like my cousin’s 2002 Harley Super Glide. Maybe some day I’ll get another motorcycle, but it’s not too high on my list of priorities right now.

Anyway. All that to say, knowledge of how to ride a motorcycle has certainly helped me to write my books, but I definitely am not “writing what I know” when I write about outlaw biker clubs. (I am, though, like many of my readers, a huge Sons of Anarchy fan! Jax Teller, you’ve populated my dreams more often than I care to admit…) So, what I lack in direct knowledge, I have to make up in research, and reading other authors’ books, and of course watching Charlie Hunnam’s gorgeous, ripped torso… Ahem… Sorry. Got a little distracted.

In what way am I writing what I know? Well, the romance part, of course. I do think it would be pretty darn hard to write a good romance novel without having had the experience of falling in love — falling deep, and hard, and fast. The delicious, scary, all-consuming passion of a first kiss. The shiver of excitement and the first tugs of lust. The anticipation of a first sexual encounter… Wow. Gosh, that stuff is addictive. And it is so, so fun to write about. I’ve certainly had my share of relationships — some of them total duds, some of them passionate but toxic. And one of them — the best one — was and is my own perfect love story. Mr. Loveling. My soul mate.

So, am I writing what I know? In that way, yes. Mr. Loveling doesn’t ride a Harley, but he sure as hell does rock my world. And in the eleven years we’ve been together, I couldn’t ask for or dream of a better leading man for my story. I feel so lucky to be able to write romances, and know at the end of the day that my Mr. Right is going to walk through the door and greet me with a steamy kiss!

I hope all of you get to live your own happily ever after!



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  1. Whatever your doing to write your AWESOME STORIES…. KEEP DOING IT!!! I finished BRICK 5am this morning!!!!!!

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