How I started writing romance

Hey, there! I just finished my latest novel and sent it off to my ARC reviewers, so I’m taking a little break between books to relax, do a little marketing, and write a blog post or two. So today, I’m going to tell you about the very first romance book I ever wrote! 🙂

First, I have to tell you how I discovered romance books. Like maybe a lot of you, I found out about the genre when I was a teenager. In the summer before eighth grade, a second-hand bookstore opened up just off the town square where we lived — easy biking or walking distance from my house.

I’ve always been a voracious reader, even as a young kid, and I was really excited about a store where I could get lots of books without spending every penny of my meager allowance. Plus, you could even sell the books back to the store when you were done with them! What a deal!

My best friend Jodi and I used to go down there and spend hours poring over the books, creating a stack to purchase that grew larger and larger until we had to stop because we physically couldn’t carry any more. It was during one of those visits to the shop that Jodi added a few books to the pile that I had never seen before. They featured women with long, flowing hair, bursting bodices, and hard, muscular men holding them tightly and looking at them with something almost like anger.

One of the main authors I remember from that time was… Johanna Lindsey.


Sorry for the bad quality of this picture, but this was one of the books I remember reading back then. Wow, these books were a revelation. Jodi and I devoured them, exchanged them when we were done, and then went back to the store for more.

When the summer ended and the school year started, gone were the lazy summer days reading steamy books in the summer heat. So, instead of reading them, Jodi and I came up with the idea to start writing them! We got a notebook, and began creating stories about winsome beauties, and strong alpha men, taking turns writing chapters and handing the notebook off to each other at our lockers between classes.

Unfortunately, Jodi and I lost touch after high school. She moved away from town, and I’ve never managed to find her on Facebook. I don’t know whatever happened to that notebook. Maybe she still has it. But little did I know that our little eighth-grade dip into writing romance would eventually come full circle for me! Maybe some day I’ll find out that Jodi did the same…


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