It’s Daphne’s Deals for October 2016!

Hey, there, readers! It’s time for my review of the best free or discounted bad boy romances I read last month.

Sorry I’m a little late — I was on vacation in sunny Colorado with my husband, visiting family (yes, it was beautiful! I love Colorado so much!)

So: let’s get to it, shall we?

1) Hard Bastard, by B.B. Hamel

I’m really enjoying B.B. Hamel’s stuff lately, and this second chance mafia romance is no exception. Also, if you’ve never read anything by her before, this one is a perfect book to pick up, because she’s put two of her other novels in as a special bonus, so you can have a Hamel-fest weekend!  Click here to get Hard Bastard. 99 cents, free with Kindle Unlimited.

2) Bad Play, by Kristen Flowers

I’ve been reading a lot of sports romances lately (and, hint hint, I’ll be releasing one of my own very soon!) and this one really grabbed me. The rapport between the main character and the cocky quarterback is so much fun to read, and the sexual tension is yum!  This book also has a bonus novel included, called Fourth Down and Dirty, which is also a great read. Click here to grab it. 99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited.

3) Low: A Rockstar Romance, by Vivian Lux

I’m right in the middle of this book, and it’s a really engaging, fun read — not to mention it’s doing really, really well in the Kindle store right now, so clearly other people agree with me! Just like the other two books, this one has TWO bonus novels included. So, if you buy all three of these books, you’re actually getting EIGHT novels. Crazy, eh? I think you’ll love Low as much as I’m loving it so far!  99 cents, Free with Kindle Unlimited.

There you go — an awesome romance library to heat you up as the weather starts to get colder!

Also, be on the lookout for an email from me soon about my next release: STAND, the fourth and final book in the Stone Kings MC series!

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