Daphne’s Deals – July 2016 Edition

July 1, 2016
Hello, dear readers:

Today, I’m launching a new feature of my newsletter, called Daphne’s Deals. What is “Daphne’s Deals”, you might be wondering?

Well, I’m glad you asked! 🙂
See, I read a lot of romance novels. And every once in a while, there’s one that I think is so good, I want everyone to know about it.  SO. I’ve decided that once a month, on or about the first, I’ll send YOU all a list of three or so books that I just love that are either free or 99 cents, plus a brief, personal review of why I like them.

They’ll have one thing in common: all of them are BAD BOY romances! Because ooohh, I love a guy with a tough exterior but a soft, creamy center, don’t you?

So, without further ado (imagine a drum roll here): Here’s DAPHNE’S DEALS, First Edition for July 1, 2016!


Okay, okay, my VERY FIRST recommendation and I’m already breaking the rules, because this one is on Amazon for $2.99. But in my defense, it was 99 cents when I decided to write about it and the price has gone up since then. But, I’m still going to tell you about it because…

Oh, my gosh I LOVE this book! In fact, RIDE is the book that gave me the idea to do this newsletter in the first place! Why? Because, simply put, cowboy romances do absolutely NOTHING for me. In fact, I don’t think I had ever purchased a cowboy romance before a friend told me this one was worth my attention. And you know what? I completely fell in love with this story, and with leading man Jackson Cody.  He is brash, arrogant, and all around irresistible! The chemistry between Jackson and Mae is absolutely fantastic, and sexy scenes are… well, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. This book is funny, charming, engaging, and I promise you will love every minute of it.

Available on Amazon for $2.99, or free with Kindle Unlimited.


This book has been burning up the charts for a while now, so it’s not exactly a secret. If you like bad boy romances, you have probably at least heard of Sabrina Paige, and you’ve likely read at least one of her novels. But. There are two reasons why I’m recommending this one anyway;

First, I really love Killian the character. He’s hilarious, and Sabrina gives him some absolutely fabulous one-liners that had me laughing out loud. Plus, the sex scenes in this story are HOT.

Second, this book is the fourth and final one in Sabrina’s West Bend Saints series, AND if  you buy it, not only are the first three books included at the end of the novel, but Sabrina has also written a SPECIAL BONUS epilogue for Books One through Three! So you can go back and relive the happily ever afters of all your favorite West Bend Saints characters and find out what they have been doing since you last saw them! Cool!

Available on Amazon for 99 cents, or free with Kindle Unlimited


Lara Swann is a writer I just discovered this month, and CAPTIVE is the first book I’ve read by her. What I just love about this book is how feisty her heroine is! Alessa is a great blend of sheltered and tough in spite of it.  The premise of this novel is really unique, and had me flipping the virtual pages as fast as I could. This book is a great blend of suspense/action and a super-compelling love story between a stone cold killer and a mafia princess. How could you go wrong? 🙂

Available on Amazon for 99 cents or Free with Kindle Unlimited

WELL, THAT’S IT FOR THE FIRST EDITION OF “DAPHNE’S DELIGHTS,” just in time for the long Fourth of July weekend if you’re in the United States. Three perfectly sexy summer reads.

Have a great weekend!   – Daphne

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