Announcement: Kindle Unlimited

I have an announcement. I wanted to let my readers know that effective June 1st, I will start migrating my novels and novellas exclusively in Amazon.com, and making them free through Kindle Unlimited.

I apologize to any readers who are inconvenienced by this choice.  I wish I felt I had a choice in the matter, but at the end of the day, my books will reach more readers through Amazon exclusivity and KU.  On the plus side, I plan to offer ALL of my novels and collections at 99 cents for the near future, so even if you don’t have KU, buying them through Amazon has never been more inexpensive!

I will be publishing new editions of all of my books in my catalog through KU with bonus material in all of them, I will be advertising these editions to my mailing list as they come out. So look for emails in the coming weeks!




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